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STEM U develops skills essential for career readiness, college preparation to thrive in today’s technology-based society. Understanding the importance of education standards, we aligned our curriculum to meet "state and national" standards.  Our summer camp and afterschool classes are designed to connect youth to STEM.  Our classes are not limited to what’s listed below. STEM U's group of curriculum specialist are constantly adding new classes, so if there isn’t a class listed please contact us for more information.

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Introduction to Blogging

Schloars will be introduced to creation of chart buster blogs, creation of landing pages, and the implementation of text and images. By the end of this course, your student will be on their way to becoming a famed internet journalist!

Introduction to Graphic Design

Schloars will be introduced to 3D programming that teaches them how to develop logos, graphics and basic commands.

Introduction to Video Game Programming

Schloars will be introduced to basic programming that teaches them how to develop basic computer games.

Introduction to Social Networking

Schloars will be introduced to social networking, including how to design creative and effective social media platforms while also learning to sue it safely and productively. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS)

Introduction to Video Creation & Editing

Schloars will be introduced to creating their own personal movie using mS Movie Maker. Schloars will learn to create and edit basic video, use basic transitions, and add sound.

Introduction to Google Apps

Schloars will be introduced to Google Apps for Education; how to use Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google sites (creating websites and group wikis).

Computer Phonics

Schloars will enjoy learning the functionality of the computer through this unique training class. This course will cover disassembling and reassembling a computer, understanding the internal and external components of the computer, and the functions of each component.

Adventures in Programming

Advance programming introduces schloars to the essential building blocks behind object oriented programming by creating fun, interactive stories, simple games, and animations. Schloars will also learn to share these on the web.

Adventures in Video Game Design

Schloars will design their very own arcade or platform game suing software such as Game Making and Game Factory 2.

Introduction to Character & Game Design

Schloars will use industry standard software Adobe Phototshop and Adobe Illustrator to design and craft amazing role playing games, complete with character interaction, working item inventories and more.

Introduction to Web Design & Graphics

Schloars will learn to design an interactive website implementing HTML, text, digital media, graphics and interactive elements into a functional website.

Computer Dynamics

Schloars will have the opportunity to build computers and learn all the great things, which makes the modern machine. They will be introduced to internal and external components of the computer. At the conclusion of the course, schloars will walk away with the knowledge of building computer.

Computer Troubleshooting Mastery

Scholars will be exposed to skills needed to master the installation and troubleshooting of common computer issues.

Adventures in Aviation

Learn the simulation, history and assembling of aircraft. Schloars will be introduced to conceptual information all about aviation, GPS coding, flight simulation, and manmade flying objects. Schloars will construct kites, miniature airplanes and gliders during the course.


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